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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

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Referee Name Specialty
Dr. balaji G ethnopharmacology
Dr. Beretta G Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Colombo G X
Dr. Sacchetti G Bio Sciences and Technology for food
Dr. Sener G Pharmacology
Dr. Shakya G Biochemistry
Dr. Syamala G Pharmacognosy
Dr. Brusotti G. Drug Sciences
Dr. Mariusz Gałka Biogeography
Dr. Andrea Gažová Pharmacology
Dr. Reuma Gadassi Physiology
Dr. Veena Gadicherla Pharmacology
Dr. Hughes Gail Herbal Science
Dr. Bhakta Prasad GAIRE Pharmacology
Dr. Pablinny Galdino Neuropharmacology
Dr. Nicoletta Galeotti Neuroscience
Dr. Nicoletta Galeotti Neuroscience
Dr. Andrea Galimberti Biotechnology
Dr. J.A. Gallegos-Infante Technology
Dr. Bistra Galunska X
Dr. Maria Thereza Gamberini Physiology
Dr. Chee-Yuen Gan Analytical Biochemistry
Dr. Sudhandiran Ganapasam Biochemistry
Dr. D.S. Gandolfo Spectroscopy
Dr. Abiramasundari Ganesan X
Dr. Aditya Ganeshpurkar Pharmacy
Dr. Cao gang Processing Technology
Dr. Bhaskar Ganguly Veterinary Sciences
Dr. Neeraj Kumar Gangwar Veterinary Sciences
Dr. Ehsan Ganji-azad Chemical Engineering
Dr. Demin Gao Pharmacy
Dr. Feng . Gao Chinese Medicine
Dr. Kun Gao Biotechnology
Dr. Li Jian Gao Chinese Medicine
Dr. Shan Gao Pharmacology
Dr. Xuan Gao Chemistry
Dr. Yanyan Gao Chinese Medica
Dr. Liu gaofeng Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Ravil R. Garafutdinov Biochemistry
Dr. K. Garba Pharmacology
Dr. José R. García Medicine
Dr. Carmen García-Ruiz X
Dr. Munish Garg Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Satish K. Garg Pharmacology
Dr. Mohamed Gargouri Microbial Ecology
Dr. A Garjani Pharmacology
Dr. Salvador Garrigues Analytical Chemistry
Dr. Arquimedes Gasparotto Junior Biological Sciences
Dr. Giuseppe Gattuso Biological Chemistry
Dr. Jiaur R. Gayen X
Dr. Stephen Gbedema Pharmaceutics
Dr. Prasad GBKS Biochemistry
Dr. Ling Ge Pharmacology
Dr. Alessandra Gentilini Internal Medicine
Dr. Milen Georgiev Microbiology
Dr. Minja Gerber Health Sciences
Dr. Yohannes Getiye Pharmacology
Dr. Jalal Ghaemghami X
Dr. Arezou Ghahghaei Biology
Dr. Mustafa Ghanadian Pharmacognosy
Dr. Faezeh Ghanati Plant Sciences
Dr. Abdollah Ghasemi Pirbalouti X
Dr. Alireza Ghiasvand Chemistry
Dr. Dehghan Gholamreza Biochemistry
Dr. Sabari Ghosal Biotechnology
Dr. Animesh . Ghosh Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Balaram Ghosh Pharmacy
Dr. Biswajit Ghosh X
Dr. Manik Ghosh Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Manosij Ghosh Cell Biology
Dr. nilanjan ghosh ethnopharmacology
Dr. Parthadeb Ghosh Plant Sciences
Dr. Sankar Kumar Ghosh Biotechnology
Dr. Sumit Ghosh Biotechnology
Dr. Anwarul Hassan Gilani Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Sadaf Jamal Gilani Pharmacy
Dr. Neeraj Gilhotra Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Marie-Claude Gingras X
Dr. Corine Girard-Thernier Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Nelli Giribabu physiology
Dr. Nelli Giribabu Medicine
Dr. M. Gits-Muselli Parasitology
Dr. Kattamanchi . Gnananath Medicine
Dr. Charles Gnanaraj Chemical Science
Dr. Charles Gnanaraj Chemical Science
Dr. Glenda C Gobe Medicine and Drug Research
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Goel Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Ahmad Gohari Medicine
Dr. Narasimha Golla Biochemistry and Microbiology
Dr. Nelson G.M. Gomes Pharmacognosy
Dr. Sofia E. Gomes Pharmacy
Dr. Maria Gomez Pharmacology
Dr. Lourdes Gómez Pharmacy
Dr. Lourdes Gómez-Gómez Botany
Dr. Mariam Hussien Gonaid Pharmacognosy
Dr. Geraldo Luiz Gonçalves Soares Bio Sciences and Technology
Dr. José A. González Biology
Dr. Omar Ricardo González Biology
Dr. Ma. Eva González-Trujano X
Dr. Ramamourthy Gopal Biological Sciences
Dr. Velliyur Kanniappan Gopalakrishnan X
Dr. Romila Devi Gopalan Biological and Chemical Sciences
Dr. Tadeusz Górecki Chemistry
Dr. B Przybylska- Gornowicz Biology
Dr. tejas gosavi pharmacology
Dr. Tejas P. Gosavi Pharmacology
Dr. Shyamal K. Goswami Life Sciences
Dr. Vlasios Goulas Plant Biochemistry
Dr. Vinod Singh Gour Biotechnology
Dr. I.C. Gouveia Environmental Technologies
Dr. Chrisna Gouws Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Suresh Govindaraghavan X
Dr. Raghavendra Gowda Zoology
Dr. Arvind Goyal Botany
Dr. Arvind Kumar Goyal Pharmacology
Dr. Manoj Goyal Pharmacy
Dr. rohit goyal ethnopharmacology
Dr. Rohit Goyal Pharmacology
Dr. Rob Graaf Phytochemistry
Dr. Robert Gracy Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Y Granfeldt Food Science
Dr. Hans J. Griesser Research and Development
Dr. Isabelle Grondin Science and Technology
Dr. Clara Grosso X
Dr. Pranesh GT Biochemistry
Dr. Jian- Gu Neurosurgery
Dr. Fangxia Guan Life Sciences
Dr. Forrest Guan X
Dr. Xie Guang-Bo Life Sciences
Dr. Shiva Gudlawar Pharmacy
Dr. Chang Gue Son Immunology
Dr. Jackson Guedes Pharmacognosy
Dr. Thoraya Guemmez Applied Biochemistry
Dr. Gunjan Guha X
Dr. Maria D. Guillen Food Science
Dr. Liu Guisheng Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Dr. Behlül Güler Biology
Dr. Vijay Gulkari Pharmacognosy
Dr. Vijay D Gulkari Pharmacognosy
Dr. Rohit Gundamaraju X
Dr. De Guo Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Jiajia Guo X
Dr. Lei Guo Toxicology
Dr. Meili Guo Pharmacognosy
Dr. YuanQian Guo X
Dr. Yuanqiang Guo X
Dr. zheng Guo Chemistry
Dr. Zhiyong Guo Medical Education
Dr. Luo Guoan Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Anshita Gupta Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Arti Gupta Pharmacognosy
Dr. Ashish Gupta X
Dr. Damodar Gupta X
Dr. Dwijendra Gupta Animal Biotechnology
Dr. Manish Gupta Pharmacy
Dr. Ramesh Gupta Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Rohit Gupta Pharmacology
Dr. Rohit A. Gupta Pharmacology
Dr. Rohit A. Gupta Pharmacology
Dr. Suphla Gupta Plant biotechnology
Dr. Yogendra Gupta Pharmacology
Dr. Yogendra Kumar Gupta Pharmacology
Dr. Yogendra Kumar Gupta Pharmacology
Dr. Rosa Martha Perez Gutierrez X
Dr. Rosa Martha Gutiérrez Phytochemistry
Dr. Gabriel Alfonso Gutiérrez-Rebolledo Biotechnology

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