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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

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Referee Name Specialty
Dr. Anroop B Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Harikumar B cancer
Dr. Haseena B X
Dr. Jaisankar B Biotechnology
Dr. Sipra B Pharmacology
Dr. Yu B Biochemistry
Dr. Gowri Shankar B A Immunopharmacology
Dr. Valérie B Schini-Kerth X
Dr. Ravi B V X
Dr. Murray B. Isman Life Sciences
Dr. Ramesh Babu Bodla Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Janarthanam Babu Biotechnology
Dr. N Babu Phytochemistry and Bioinformatics
Dr. Sabulal Baby Pharmacognosy
Dr. Sabulal Baby Phytochemistry
Dr. Sachin L Badole Pharmacology
Dr. Ok-Nam Bae Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Nam-In Baek Oriental Medicine
Dr. Seung-Hoon Baek Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Wanda Baer-Dubowska Pharmaceutical Biochemistry
Dr. Béatrice Baghdikian Pharmacognosy & Ethnopharmacology
Dr. Béatrice Baghdikian Pharmacognosy
Dr. Azadeh Bahadoran bioscience
Dr. Mir Babak Bahadori Phytopharmacology
Dr. Akshay Baheti Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Roodabeh Bahramsoltani Pharmacy
Dr. Roodabeh Bahramsoltani Traditional Medicine
Dr. Gang Bai X
Dr. Li-Ping Bai Chinese Medicine
Dr. Sun Bai-wang Chemistry
Dr. Mohammed Baig Pharmacognosy
Dr. Christian Bailly X
Dr. Preeti Bajpai X
Dr. Batomayena Bakoma Physiology
Dr. Rania B. Bakr Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Asis Bala Pharmaceutical Technology
Dr. Patrick Balaguer X
Dr. Pitchai Balakumar Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. B. Balamuralikrishnan Biotechnology
Dr. Mercè Balcells Chemistry
Dr. Aliou Mamadou Baldé Pharmacy
Dr. Manjeshwar Baliga Pharmacology
Dr. Nicholas Ball Toxicology
Dr. AGILAN BALUPILLAI Biochemistry and Medical Biotechnology
Dr. Michiel Balvers Pharmacology
Dr. Giuliana Banche Pediatrics
Dr. Kaushik Banerjee X
Dr. Subhadeep Banerjee X
Dr. Sugato . Banerjee Pharmacognosy
Dr. H bangxing Pharmacognosy
Dr. Han Bangxing Life Sciences
Dr. Ratana Banjerdpongchai Biochemistry
Dr. Nitin Bansal Pharmacology
Dr. Vasudha Bansal Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr. Wang baoguo Medicine
Dr. Antonio Baonza Biology
Dr. M. Johanna Bapela Plant Sciences
Dr. Maria Teresa Bara Pharmacy
Dr. Behzad Baradaran Medical Sciences
Dr. Décio Barbosa X
Dr. Luiz C.A. Barbosa Chemistry
Dr. Gabriela Soledad Barragán-Zarate X
Dr. Kalyani Barve Pharmacology
Dr. Kalyani Barve Pharmacy
Dr. Khadeer Ahamed. Basheer Pharmacognosy
Dr. Ahmad Bashir Molecular Genetics
Dr. José Basilio-Heredia X
Dr. Moni Baskey Chemistry
Dr. Eleonora Bassino Life Sciences
Dr. Yasmine Farouk Bassuoni Analytical Chemistry
Dr. Izabela Bastos X
Dr. Jairo Bastos Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Jairo Kenupp. Bastos Pharmaceutics
Dr. Soumalee Basu Microbiology
Dr. Mohammad Basyuni Forestry
Dr. Maria Teresa Batista Pharmacy
Dr. Sidra Batool Biosciences
Dr. Eliuh Bautista Natural Products
Dr. Dnyaneshwar U Bawankule Molecular Bioprospection
Dr. Sultan Nacak Baytas Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Agnieszka Bazylko Pharmacy
Dr. Eda Becer Pharmacy
Dr. Axel Becker Medicine
Dr. Erdal Bedir Bioengineering
Dr. Mathew Beena Chemistry
Dr. Tanveer Beg X
Dr. Lütfi Behçet Biology
Dr. Weijian Bei Chinese Medicine
Dr. Ali Beldüz Microbiology, Biochemistry
Dr. Rene De Beleboni Toxinology
Dr. Yuva Belik Biological Sciences
Dr. Yuva Bellik Biology
Dr. M. Oluwasesan Bello Applied Chemistry
Dr. Flávio L. Beltrame Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Flávio Luis Beltrame Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Flávio Luís Beltrame Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. A. Milton Franklin Benial Physics
Dr. P.B. Benil X
Dr. Sihem Bensalem Biotechnology
Dr. Giangiacomo Beretta Pharmacology
Dr. Mohammed Berkani Biotechnology
Dr. Isabel Gómez- Betancur Medicinal and Process Chemistry Division
Dr. Till Beuerle Pharmaceutical Biology
Dr. Dhifi Wissal Beyrouthy Life Sciences
Dr. Marc Beyrouthy X
Dr. Daniel P. Bezerra X
Dr. Maria Lucilania Bezerra Almeida Crop Sciences
Dr. Yang BH X
Dr. Shraddha Bhadada pharmacology
Dr. Ashish Bhalla X
Dr. Tapati Bhanja Dey Microbial Biotechnology
Dr. MM. Srinivas Bharath Neurochemistry
Dr. Avula Bharathi X
Dr. Monika Bhardwaj Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Kalpana Bhargava Physiology
Dr. sanjay bharti bioinformatics, docking
Dr. Lokesh Bhat Cardioprotection
Dr. Owais . Bhat Pharmacology and Toxicology
Dr. Pradeep Bhaskar Bhat Botany
Dr. Varadaraj Bhat Pharmacology
Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhat Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Jagriti Bhatia Pharmacology
Dr. Saurabh Bhatia Pharmacognosy
Dr. Indra D Bhatt X
Dr. Laxit Bhatt Pharmacology
Dr. Prakash C. Bhatt Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Praveena Bhatt Bioengineering
Dr. Arup Bhattacharya Biology
Dr. Samir Bhattacharya Zoology
Dr. Sanjib Bhattacharya Pharmacognosy
Dr. Subrat Kumar Bhattamisra Pharmacy
Dr. Govinda Bhattarai Dental Sciences
Dr. Kamlesh K Bhutani Natural Products
Dr. Rubina Bhutani Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Hongtao Bi Pharmacology
Dr. Hui-Chang Bi Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Grazyna Biala Pharmacology
Dr. Zhao-Xiang Bian Medicine
Dr. Tahira Bibi Plant Sciences
Dr. Stefan Bienz Chemistry
Dr. Elisabetta Bigagli X
Dr. Muhammad Shahdaat Bin Sayeed Pharmacology
Dr. Claudia Bincoletto Pharmacology
Dr. Anupam Bishayee Medicine
Dr. M Bisi-Johnson Microbiology
Dr. Rajarshi Biswas Pharmaceutical Technology
Dr. Subhankar Biswas Pharmacology
Dr. Surjyo Biswas Zoology
Dr. Humberto R. Bizzo X
Dr. Santos Blanco X
Dr. Simon Blanford X
Dr. Patel BM Pharmacy
Dr. Subhash Bodhankar Pharmacology
Dr. Subhash L Bodhankar Pharmacology
Dr. Krishna M. Boini Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Science
Dr. Niels C. Bols Biology
Dr. G.A. Bonaterra Cell Biology
Dr. Supavadee Boontha Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Dipsikha Bora Life Sciences
Dr. Kundan Singh Bora Pharmacy
Dr. Sudarshana Borah Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Leonardo Borges Extraction Process
Dr. Pedro M. Borralho Pharmacy
Dr. Francesca Borrelli Pharmacy
Dr. M Boskabady Pharmacology
Dr. Hossein Boskabadya Physiology
Dr. Ilze Bot Biopharmeceutics
Dr. Jalloul Bouajila Pharmacy
Dr. Asma Bouasla Biochemistry
Dr. Eimad Dine Tariq Bouhlali Biology
Dr. Hermine Boukeng Jatsa Parasitology
Dr. Lilia Boussouf X
Dr. Sandra L Bowles Biomedical Research
Dr. Alex Boye Pharmacognosy
Dr. Emir Bozkurt Biology
Dr. Fernao Braga Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Geraldo Brandão Pharmacy
Dr. Maria Brandão Medical Sciences
Dr. Andrea Brandolini X
Dr. Mirna Marques Brayner Pharmacology
Dr. Josmary Brazón Neuropharmacology
Dr. Gerhard Bringmann Organic Chemistry
Dr. Juliana Calil Brondani Industrial Pharmacy
Dr. Ilaria Bruni Biotechnology
Dr. Renato Bruni Science
Dr. G. Brusotti Drug Sciences
Dr. Gloria Brusotti Ethnopharmacy
Dr. Joseph Bryant Virology
Dr. Dwarakanath BS X
Dr. Bruno Bueno-Silva Microbiology
Dr. Gizem Bulut Pharmaceutical Botany
Dr. Benjaporn Buranrat Medicine
Dr. Evgeny V. Buravlev X
Dr. Lígia Moura Burci Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Franciszek Burdan Anatomy
Dr. Serdar Burmaoglu Chemistry
Dr. Jorge Burneo Medicine
Dr. Mehmet Emin Buyukokuroglu Pharmacology
Dr. Seo Byoung-Do Pharm.Sciences

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