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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

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Referee Name Specialty
Dr. Brijesh S X
Dr. Chanda S Biosciences
Dr. Devaraja S Biochemistry and Medical Biotechnology
Dr. Dhiman S X
Dr. Franklin S Pediatrics
Dr. Hemalata S Pharmacognosy
Dr. Hemalatha S Pharmaceutics
Dr. Kamalanathan S Endocrinology
Dr. Krishnan S Biotechnology
Dr. Maiti S Biochemistry
Dr. Manjula S Pharmacology
Dr. Miltonprabu S Zoology
Dr. Mohana Roopan S Organic Chemistry
Dr. Ojha S Biochemistry
Dr. Palanivelu S Pathology
Dr. Parasuram S Pharmacology
Dr. Parasuraman S Pharmacology
Dr. Ramnath S Botany
Dr. Sen S Pharmacognosy
Dr. Subramanian . S Biochemistry
Dr. Sultana S Medical Elementology and Toxicology
Dr. Sundaravadivelu S Biotechnology
Dr. Tabassum S Chemistry
Dr. Tayyab S Biological Sciences
Dr. Thiruvengadam S Immunopharmacology
Dr. Umesalma S Biochemistry
Dr. Vijayakumar S Botany
Dr. Sara S. Natural Products
Dr. Pramod S. N Biochemistry
Dr. Mansingraj S. Nimbalkar Botany
Dr. Dar SA X
Dr. Kumar SA Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance
Dr. Onasanwo SA Veterinary Physiology
Dr. Joseph Saab X
Dr. Zahra Sabah Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Dr. Jean-Marc SABATIER Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences
Dr. Ragab Sabrin Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Manal M. Sabry Pharmacognosy
Dr. Safwat Sabry Natural Products
Dr. Maiti Sabyasachi Pharm.Sciences
Dr. VS. Chandra . Sadagopan Biochemistry
Dr. Zeb Saddiqe Chemistry
Dr. Hesham Saeed Biotechnology
Dr. S Saeidnia Pharmacognosy
Dr. Soodabeh Saeidnia Pharmacognosy
Dr. Charupong Saengboonmee Biochemistry
Dr. Chanchai Saengdee Pharmacology
Dr. Sabry Safwat X
Dr. W.C.J. Sagona X
Dr. Archana N. Sah Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Sarmistha Saha Zoology
Dr. Dinkar Sahal Biotechnology
Dr. Talwar Sahil Neurobiology
Dr. Huseyin Sahin X
Dr. Atish Kumar Sahoo X
Dr. Neha Sahu ethno botany
Dr. Ravi P. Sahu Pharmacology
Dr. Heba A. Sahyon Science
Dr. Gantait Saikat Biotechnology
Dr. Aryendu Kumar Saini Pharmacy
Dr. Deepti . Saini Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Yoshihiko Saito Internal Medicine
Dr. Katrin Sak Oncopharmacology
Dr. D Sakthi Kumar X
Dr. Akihiko Sakurai Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology
Dr. Angelo Sala Pharmacological and biomolecular Science
Dr. Shakiru Ademola Salami Physiology
Dr. Davoud Salarbashi Medicine
Dr. Luis A. Salazar-Olivo Molecular Biology
Dr. Muhammad Saleem Chemistry
Dr. Uzma Saleem Pharmacy
Dr. Uzma Saleem Pharmacology
Dr. Mahmoud Saleh Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Gamal A. Salem Pharmacology
Dr. Gamal A. Salem Pharmacology
Dr. Andréia C.F. Salgueiro Biochemistry
Dr. Andréia C.F. Salgueiro Biochemistry
Dr. L. Salgueiro Pharmacy
Dr. Ruduwaan Salie X
Dr. Amal Sallam Pharmacognosy
Dr. Chanaz Salmi X
Dr. Roberta Saltarelli Biomolecular Sciences
Dr. VR Salunkhe Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Abdul Samad Plant Pathology
Dr. Ahmadvand Samaneh Biology
Dr. Saeed Samarghandian Medical Sciences
Dr. M. Sanaa Life Sciences
Dr. Eugenio Sánchez-Arreola -
Dr. María Cortes Sánchez-Mata Pharmacy
Dr. C.C. Sánchez-Mateo Pharmacology
Dr. Hee Sang Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Yuli Sang Chinese Medicine
Dr. Kumar Sankar Biotechnology
Dr. Venu Sankeshi Zoology
Dr. Bose Sankhadip Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Daniele Sanna Biomolecular Chemistry
Dr. Sebastin Santhosh Medical Biochemistry
Dr. José Roberto Santin Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Cid Aimbiré Santos Pharmacy
Dr. Karen Freitas Santos Biochemistry
Dr. Patil Santosh Science
Dr. Rashmi Santosh Tupe Biochemistry
Dr. Quaiser Saquib Zoology
Dr. Tapas Kumar Sar Veterinary, Pharmacology and Toxicology
Dr. Mettu Vijaya Saradhi Pharmacy
Dr. Mettu Vijaya Saradhi Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy
Dr. Chidambaram Saravana Babu Pharmacology
Dr. Ganapathy Saravanan Biochemistry
Dr. Zarrin Sarhadynejad Pharmacognosy
Dr. Nazli Boke Sarikahya Chemistry
Dr. Jaganmay Sarkar Biochemistry
Dr. Prasanta Kumar Sarkar Ayurveda
Dr. Md. Moklesur Rahman Sarker Pharmacology
Dr. Md. Moklesur Rahman Sarker Pharmacology
Dr. Satyajit D. Sarker Medicinal Chemistry
Dr. Satyajit D. Sarker Medicinal Chemistry
Dr. Parisa Sarkhail Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Nandakumara Sarma Pharmacology
Dr. Maryam Sarwat X
Dr. Sreenivasan Sasidharan X
Dr. AP Sasikumar Biology
Dr. J. M. Sasikumar Botany
Dr. Jutamaad Satayavivad Pharmacology
Dr. Jutamaad Satayavivad Pharmacology
Dr. Vanaja Sateesh Pharmaceutics
Dr. Alice Sato X
Dr. D. Satyaji Applied Sciences
Dr. Johannes Saukel Pharmacognosy
Dr. Laxman sawant pharmacognosy
Dr. Vinay Sayeli Pharmacology
Dr. Cho Sayeon Pharmacy
Dr. Cunha SC Food Science
Dr. Georgios Scheiner-Bobis Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Martine SCHMITT Pharmacology
Dr. H. Schneider Pediatrics
Dr. Sven Schröder Chinese Medicine
Dr. Udo Schumacher Morphology
Dr. Peter E.H. Schwarz X
Dr. Tatiana Scorza Biological Sciences
Dr. Serce Sedat Pharmacology
Dr. Mahendra Seervi Biotechnology
Dr. Wei-Guang Seetoh Pharmacy
Dr. Rajan K. Sekar Biotechnology
Dr. Serkan Selli Food Engineering
Dr. Gurudeeban Selvaraj Marine environmental Science
Dr. Susan J. Semple Pharmacy
Dr. Deepak Kumar Semwal Chemistry
Dr. Sukanta sen Microbiology
Dr. Memun Sengul Pharmacognosy
Dr. Pinaki . Sengupta Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Subhabrata Sengupta Pharmacology
Dr. Jamuna Senguttuvan Botany
Dr. Venugopal Senthil X
Dr. Balakrishnan Senthilkumar Biotechnology
Dr. Subramanian Senthilkumar Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. H Sepehri X
Dr. Sedat Serce Pharmacognosy
Dr. Adrielle Nara Serra Bezerra Natural Resource
Dr. Maria L.M. Serralheiro Biochemistry
Dr. Pilar Gómez- Serranillos Pharmacology
Dr. Duncan Sesaazi Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Gautam Sethi Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Gautam Sethi Pharmacology
Dr. J Sethi Physiology
Dr. Niroj Kumar Sethy Physiology
Dr. Murugan Sevanan Phytomedine
Dr. Taysi Seyithan Biochemistry
Dr. Ercişli Sezai Agriculture
Dr. José Maurício Sforcin X
Dr. R. Uma Shaanker Ecology
Dr. R. Uma Shaanker X
Dr. bin Shaari Technology
Dr. K. Shaari Natural Products
Dr. Snober Shabnam Mir cancer research laboratory
Dr. Amir Shadboorestan Life Sciences
Dr. A Shafaghat Chemistry
Dr. Abdul Jabbar Shah Pharmacy
Dr. Amin Shah Botany
Dr. Nagendra P. Shah Food and Nutrition
Dr. Naseer Ali Shah Biosciences
Dr. Wajaht A. Shah Chemistry
Dr. Karimunnisa Shaikh Pharmacy
Dr. Sunita Shailajan Herbal Research Lab
Dr. Sunita Shailajan X
Dr. K. Shailendra Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Faiyaz Shakeel Pharmaceutics
Dr. Fatemeh Shaki Pharmacology
Dr. Rahman Shakil Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Shazi Shakil X
Dr. Mallappa H. Shalavadi Pharmacology
Dr. Bhanuvalli R. Shamprasad Life Sciences
Dr. Tabrez Shams Life Sciences
Dr. Singh Shamsher Biotechnology
Dr. Chen-Xiao Shan Chinese Medicine
Dr. Jin-jun Shan Pediatrics
Dr. Qiyuan Shan Chinese Medicine
Dr. Xiong Shan Medical Research
Dr. Jing Shang Traditional Chinese Pharmacy
Dr. Karuna Shanker Chemistry
Dr. Karuna Shanker Analytical Chemistry
Dr. Ganesh Shanmugam Biorganic Laboratory
Dr. K Shanmugam Molecular Biology
Dr. Manoharan Shanmugam Biochemistry
Dr. Xueguang Shao Analytical Sciences
Dr. Li Shaoping Life Sciences
Dr. Olubunmi Josephine Sharaibi Medicinal Plant Research
Dr. Fariba Sharififar Pharmacognosy
Dr. Anil K Sharma Biotechnology
Dr. Anil K Sharma Biotechnology
Dr. Bechan Sharma Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Dr. Chetan Sharma Botany
Dr. Manju Sharma Pharmacology
Dr. Nisha Sharma Pharmacy
Dr. Pradeep Sharma Biotechnology
Dr. Rohit Sharma Ayurveda
Dr. Rohit Sharma Pharmacology and Toxicology
Dr. S K. Sharma Phytochemistry
Dr. Sanjay Sharma Pharmacy
Dr. Shyam S Sharma Neuropharmacology
Dr. Shankaar Shashi Environmental Engineering
Dr. Debbie Shaw Toxicology
Dr. Eman Shawky Pharmacognosy
Dr. Eman Shawky Pharmacognosy
Dr. Rabah M. Shawky Pediatrics
Dr. David Sheeba X
Dr. Saba Sheikh Biochemistry
Dr. Maryam Shekarichi Pharmacognosy
Dr. N Shekoufeh Biochemistry
Dr. Fubing Shen Medical Sciences
Dr. Jiangang Shen Chinese Medicine
Dr. Tao Shen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Xiao-Yan Shen Pharmacology
Dr. S.T.H. Sherazi Analytical Chemistry
Dr. Navin Sheth Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Da-zhuo Shi Cardiology
Dr. Jian-rong Shi Extraction Process
Dr. Jun Shi Traditional Chinese Medicine
Dr. Lunyong Shi Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Ren-bing Shi Chinese Medicine
Dr. Shepo Shi X
Dr. Wangpend Shi Biology
Dr. Xingyuan Shi Medical Sciences
Dr. Yan Shikai Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Alexander Shikov Pharmacy
Dr. Chen. Shilin Plant biotechnology
Dr. Kazufumi Shimizu Gynecology
Dr. Kuniyoshi Shimizu agro-environmental sciences
Dr. Heung-Mook Shin Physiology
Dr. Myoung-Sook Shin Molecular Biology
Dr. Seungwon Shin Korean Medicine
Dr. Soyoung Shin Pharmacy
Dr. Fiona Natalia Shipton Pharmacy
Dr. P Shivanand Pharmacology
Dr. Bhattacharya Shivsankar Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Kurikoni Shiwaku Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Chemistry
Dr. M.H. Shoja Pharmacology
Dr. Qingyao Shou Pharmacognosy
Dr. Pau Loke Show X
Dr. Sheikh Shreaz Microbiology
Dr. Ojha Shreesh Life Sciences
Dr. Richa Shri Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Manjeshwar Shrinath Baliga Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Hegde Shruthi Botany
Dr. Ashwitha Shruti Dass Pharmacology
Dr. ge Shu X
Dr. Jiang Shuang Public Health
Dr. Tian Shuge X
Dr. Ahmad Nazrun Shuid Pharmacology
Dr. Amit Shukla Pharmacology
Dr. S Shukla Life Sciences
Dr. Sandeep K. Shukla Pharmacobiology
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Shukla X
Dr. Shiv Shankar Shukla Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Abdrabuh N. Shwter Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Mandal Shyamapada Zoology
Dr. Silici Sibel Agricultural Biotechnology
Dr. Aleem Siddique Science
Dr. Faheema Siddiqui Chemistry
Dr. Faheema Siddiqui Chemistry
Dr. Maqsood A Siddiqui Toxicology
Dr. Maqsood Ahmed Siddiqui Zoology
Dr. Nasir Siddiqui Natural Products
Dr. Nasir Ali Siddiqui Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry
Dr. Tao Sijia Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Aline Silva Pharmacy
Dr. Ana Elizabete Silva Biology
Dr. Francilene Silva Pharmacognosy
Dr. Francilene A. Silva Pharmacognosy
Dr. Luisa Mota Da Silva Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Marley Silva Pharmacognosy
Dr. Rumyana Simeonova Pharmacology
Dr. Rafael Simone Saia Physiology
Dr. Abhijeet . Singh Biosciences
Dr. Baljinder Singh Pharmacology
Dr. Bikram Singh Scientific and Innovative Research
Dr. Bikram Singh Natural Products
Dr. Deepika Singh Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Indu Singh Cardiology
Dr. jagadish singh cancer
Dr. Narendra Kumar Singh Ayurveda
Dr. Nayak Singh X
Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh Science and Technology
Dr. Ram Singh Applied Chemistry
Dr. Rambir Singh Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Rana P. Singh Life Sciences
Dr. Randhir Singh Pharmacy
Dr. Randhir Singh Pharmacy
Dr. Rasnik K. Singh Dermatology
Dr. Sachin Kumar Singh Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. SHAILENDRA SINGH Bio Sciences and Technology
Dr. Shio Kumar Singh Zoology
Dr. Uma Maheshwar Singh Agricultural Biotechnology
Dr. Veena D. Singh Pharmacy
Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh Pharmacy
Dr. Pradeep Singh Negi Food Technological Research
Dr. Rajeev K Singla Biological Sciences
Dr. Rajeev K Singla Biological Sciences
Dr. Surinder Kumar Singla Biochemistry
Dr. Surinder Kumar Singla Biochemistry
Dr. Sukrat Sinha Biotechnology
Dr. Arulmozhi Sinnathambi Pharmacology
Dr. Jaruwan Siritapetawee Biochemistry
Dr. C Sitesh Pharmacology
Dr. Hemalatha Siva pharmacognosy
Dr. Xavier Siwe Noundou Chemistry
Dr. Gupta SK Aquaculture
Dr. Jaganathan SK Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Suthar SK Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Bodhankar SL Pharmacology
Dr. Kothari SL Plant biotechnology
Dr. Rawat SM Chemistry
Dr. Wani SM. Food Science
Dr. Antonella Smeriglio Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Stefan Smith X
Dr. Kabir SN Cell Biology and Physiology
Dr. S.Z. Mat Soæad Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Jose R Soberón Pharmacology
Dr. Margaret Sofidiya Pharmacognosy
Dr. Uy Dong Sohn Pharmacology
Dr. Youngjoo Sohn Medicine
Dr. Youngjoo Sohn Korean Medicine
Dr. N. Soltani Chemistry
Dr. Nauana Somensi X
Dr. Chang-Gue Son X
Dr. Chang-Gue Son Immunology
Dr. Chnag Son Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Hwa Son Life Sciences
Dr. Kailas Sonawane Microbiology
Dr. Fangzhou Song Medicine
Dr. Huaxian Song X
Dr. Jin Zhu Song Microbiology
Dr. Yuanda Song Food Science
Dr. Ramos Sonia Nutrition and Metabolism
Dr. Fabio Sonvico X
Dr. Damayanti Sophi Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Roberth Sothem Chronobiology
Dr. Jalal Soubhye Pharmacy
Dr. Emmanuel Prata Sousa Pharmacognosy
Dr. Orlando V. Sousa Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Abimbola Sowemimo Pharmacognosy
Dr. Abimbola Sowemimo Pharmacy
Dr. Kandhasamy Sowndhararajan Natural Resource
Dr. Kandhasamy Sowndhararajan Natural Sciences
Dr. Antonio Speciale Pharmacognosy
Dr. Michael Spedding X
Dr. Michael Spiteller Chemistry
Dr. Veena SR X
Dr. Sarangapani Sreelatha Chemistry
Dr. Sasidharan Sreenivasan Molecular medicine
Dr. R.A Sreepada Natural Products
Dr. M. Sreepriya Biotechnology
Dr. Chattopadhyay Sreya Physiology
Dr. G. Sridhar Zoology
Dr. Shanthi Srinivasan Medicine
Dr. Subramani Srinivasan Biochemistry
Dr. Bungorn Sripanidkulchai Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Keshetti Srisailam Pharmacognosy
Dr. Klaokwan Srisook Chemistry
Dr. Klaokwan Srisook Biochemistry
Dr. Amit Srivastava Pharmacological Science
Dr. Prachi Srivastava Bio-informatics
Dr. Rai Ajit K Srivastava X
Dr. Saurabh Srivastava X
Dr. Smita Srivastava Biotechnology
Dr. Somchai Sriwiriyajan Medicine
Dr. J Staden Research Centre for Plant Growth and Development
Dr. Van Staden Agriculture
Dr. Dalibor M. Stanković Chemistry
Dr. Johnson Stanslas Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Dr. Luiz Claudio Di Stasi Pharmacology
Dr. Vita Di Stefano X
Dr. Anslan Sten Science
Dr. Hagl Stephanie Pharmacology
Dr. Didier Stien Phytochemistry
Dr. M. Struwig Botany
Dr. Sonja Sturm Pharmacognosy
Dr. Dan Su Chinese Medicine
Dr. Dan Su Chinese Medicine
Dr. Erzheng Su Science and Engineering
Dr. Zi-Ren Su Chinese Medicine
Dr. Suresh Kumar Subbiah X
Dr. Laxmanrao Subhas Pharm.Sciences
Dr. L Subhash Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Parasuraman Subramani Pharmacology
Dr. S Subramanian Biochemistry
Dr. Umadevi Subramanian Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. A.H. Subratty Health Sciences
Dr. Bharat Bhusan Subudhi Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Ganapasam Sudhandiran Biochemistry
Dr. S Sudhandiran X
Dr. Hyung Joo Suh Health Sciences
Dr. Monrudee Sukma Pharmacology
Dr. E. Sukumar X
Dr. Shaida Fariza Sulaiman Biological Sciences
Dr. Kunjbihari Sulakhiya Pharmacology
Dr. Paweł Sulima Plant Breeding and Seed Production
Dr. Kodandaram R. Sumalatha X
Dr. Jha Sumita Botany
Dr. Mitra Sumonto Biochemistry
Dr. Baoshan Sun Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Jianghao Sun X
Dr. Mingqian sun Life Sciences
Dr. Wei Sun Nephrology
Dr. Xiaobo Sun Pharmacognosy
Dr. Bunleu Sungthong Pharmacognosy
Dr. Stefano Superchi X
Dr. Krishnamohan Surapaneni Medical Biochemistry
Dr. K Suresh Natural Products
Dr. Kumar Suresh Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Mickymaray Suresh Biology
Dr. T.S. Suresh Biochemistry
Dr. Raj Suryanarayanan Pharmaceutics
Dr. Khaetthareeya Sutthanut Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Toshiharu Suzuki Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. S. Nanjunda Swamy Biotechnology
Dr. A.C. Swart Biochemistry
Dr. Rizvi Swati Pharmacy
Dr. Fareeduddin Quadri Syed Biological Sciences
Dr. Haroon Khalid Syed Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Musthapa Syed Endocrinology
Dr. Anna Szakiel Phytochemistry
Dr. Agnieszka Szopa Pharmaceutical Botany
Dr. Arkadiusz Szterk Food Analysis

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