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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

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Referee Name Specialty
Dr. Arimboor R Natural Products
Dr. Holyachi R Anaesthesiology
Dr. Kaliaperumal R Biotechnology
Dr. Kumar R Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Shukla R Pharmacology
Dr. Thakur R Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Dr. Udayakumar R Pharmacognosy
Dr. Mangesh R Bhalekar Pharmaceutics
Dr. Sandeep R Pai Plant biotechnology
Dr. Delgoda R. Natural Products
Dr. Rajasekaran R. X
Dr. Manhas R.K. Botany
Dr. Karim M. Raafat Pharmacognosy
Dr. Mohamed A. Rabeh Pharmacognosy
Dr. Navid Rabiee Chemistry
Dr. Ammu Radhakrishnan Medicine
Dr. E.K. Radhakrishnan Biosciences
Dr. Kokkuvayilvasu Radhakrishnan X
Dr. Gabriel Lucian Radu Applied Chemistry
Dr. Iwona Radziejewska Medical Chemistry
Dr. Mohamad Rafi Chemistry
Dr. Mahdi Rafiei X
Dr. Mahmoud Rafieian-Kopaei Medical Plant Sciences
Dr. Salvatore Ragusa Pharmacognosy
Dr. A. Ragy Natural Products
Dr. Mohammad Rahimi-madiseh Plant Sciences
Dr. Md. Shahedur Rahman Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology
Dr. Minhajur Rahman Pharmacognosy
Dr. Mohamed Rahman Toxinology
Dr. Nafisur Rahman Chemistry
Dr. Shahedur Rahman Biotechnology
Dr. Shakilur Rahman Bio Sciences and Technology
Dr. Batool Rahmati Neurophysiology
Dr. Vasanth Raj Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Rukkumani Rajagopalan Biochemistry
Dr. Rajamani Rajamani Biochemistry
Dr. Subbiah Rajasekaran Biotechnology
Dr. Peramaiyan Rajendran X
Dr. Peramaiyan . Rajendran X
Dr. Bharathidevi Subramaniam Rajesh Biochemistry
Dr. Arun Rajgopal Analytical Sciences
Dr. Arun Rajgopal Analytical Sciences
Dr. B Rajkapoor Pharmacology
Dr. Hasan Rakhshandeh Pharmacology
Dr. Kinscherf Ralf Anatomy
Dr. Nalini Ram Endocrinology
Dr. Arunkumar Ramachandran X
Dr. Sistla Ramakrishna Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Sathishkumar Ramalingam Biotechnology
Dr. Srinivasan Ramalingam X
Dr. Srinivasan Ramamurthy Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Chandrasekar Raman Anatomy
Dr. Sethu Raman OS Physiology
Dr. Manikandan Ramasamy Chemistry
Dr. Charles Ramassamy Neurochemistry
Dr. C Ramesh Pharmacology
Dr. P.S. Ramesh Physics
Dr. Vikas Rana Pharmaceutics
Dr. Anu Ranade X
Dr. Lala Nirina Ranjarisoa Odontostomatology
Dr. Sara Ranjbar Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. CH V. Rao Pharmacology
Dr. Chandana Venkateswara Rao Pharmacognosy
Dr. Liqun Rao Bioscience and Biotechnology
Dr. Rekha Rao Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. S. Prakash Rao Pharmacy
Dr. Rafiele Raquel Pharmacognosy
Dr. Abdullah Rasedee Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Mai Raslan Science
Dr. MahaboobKhan Rasool Bioengineering
Dr. Subha Rastogi Pharmacognosy & Ethnopharmacology
Dr. J Rasu Biomedical Sciences
Dr. N.R. Rathod Pharmacology
Dr. N.R. Rathod Pharmacology
Dr. Virendra K Rathod Chemical Engineering
Dr. Abdul Rauf Chemistry
Dr. Koteshwara Anandrao Raveesha Botany
Dr. Rai Ravishankar Microbiology
Dr. Shruti Rawal Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Ajay Rawat Pharmacognosy
Dr. Atul Rawat Biotechnology
Dr. Masoom Raza Siddiqui Chemistry
Dr. Rema Razdan Pharmacology
Dr. Rema Razdan Pharmacology
Dr. Vinayak RC X
Dr. Abdelkrim Rebiai Chemistry
Dr. Abdelkrim Rebiai Chemistry
Dr. Attipalli R. Reddy Plant Sciences
Dr. Neetinkumar D. Reddy Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Vaddi Damodara Reddy Biochemistry
Dr. Bindumadhava Reddy Aramati Applied Biology
Dr. Maheswara Reddy M Bioinformatics
Dr. Venkata Reddy. N Biotechnology
Dr. Flavio Henrique Reginatto Pharmacognosy
Dr. Muneeb U. Rehman Veterinary Sciences
Dr. K.V. Reichelt Life Sciences
Dr. Jenner K.P. Reis Veterinary Sciences
Dr. Karinna Reis Extraction Process
Dr. Chunyan Ren Biology
Dr. Yongshen Ren Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Wintjens Rene Phytochemistry
Dr. Thamaraiselvan Rengarajan X
Dr. Thamaraiselvan Rengarajan X
Dr. Liang RenJie Pharmacognosy
Dr. Jiang Renwang Pharmacognosy
Dr. Antonio Rescigno Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Hoshyar Reyhane Biochemistry
Dr. Md. Ahsanur Reza Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Vahid Reza Askari Pharmacology
Dr. Arezou Rezaei Biological Sciences
Dr. Arezou Rezaei Biology
Dr. Min Suk Rhee Biotechnology
Dr. Sophia Rhizopoulou Botany
Dr. K. Riazunnisa Biotechnology
Dr. Patrícia Rijo Phytochemistry
Dr. Céline Rivičre X
Dr. Ilhem Rjeibi Science
Dr. Ilhem Rjeibi Macromolecular Biochemistry
Dr. Manhas RK Botany
Dr. Manhas RK. Botany
Dr. Sodhi RK. Pharmacology
Dr. Camacho Roberto Chronobiology
Dr. Marcos Roberto De Oliveira Chemistry
Dr. Close R.E. Robles-Zepeda Biological Chemistry
Dr. R.E. Robles-Zepeda Biological Sciences
Dr. Bruno Rocha Natural Products
Dr. Matheus Lavorenti Rocha Pharmacy
Dr. Clementina Rodellar Veterinary Sciences
Dr. Stefan Rödiger Health Sciences
Dr. Ana Paula Ribeiro Rodrigues X
Dr. Dina Rodrigues Chemistry
Dr. Igor De Rodrigues Microbiology
Dr. Klinger Antonio Da Franca Rodrigues Pharmacology
Dr. Maria Rita Rodrigues Toxicology
Dr. Tiago Rodrigues Science
Dr. Raquel Rodrigues Do Amaral Biological Sciences
Dr. Rosa Virginia Rodríguez X
Dr. Goyal Rohit Pharmacology
Dr. Abdul Rohman Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Ndip Roland X
Dr. André Rolim Pharmacy
Dr. Barbara Romano Pharmacy
Dr. Maria M Romeiras Science
Dr. Irma Romero Biochemistry
Dr. Irma Romero Biochemistry
Dr. Zheng Rong Neurobiology
Dr. Nina Rřnsted Medicinal Chemistry
Dr. F Roohvand Virology
Dr. Selvaraj Mohana Roopan Organic Chemistry
Dr. Gutierrez Rosa Natural Products
Dr. Souza Rosimeire Pharmacognosy
Dr. Zamfirova Rositsa Neurobiology
Dr. Samir A. Ross Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Vincent Roumy X
Dr. Partha Roy Biotechnology
Dr. Partha Roy molecular modelling and docking studies
Dr. Jelte Rozema X
Dr. Pujari RR Pharmacology
Dr. Soumya RS X
Dr. Kaďs Rtibi Biological Sciences
Dr. Han-Li Ruan Natural Medicinal Chemistry
Dr. Jinlan Ruan Natural Medicinal Chemistry
Dr. Rukhsana A. Rub Pharmacy
Dr. Carolina López Rubalcava Pharmacobiology
Dr. David Ruebhart Pharmacognosy
Dr. M. Herrera Ruiz Research and Development
Dr. Xu . Run-sheng Chemistry
Dr. B rust Food Science
Dr. Yao Ruyu Medicinal Chemistry
Dr. Jong Hoon Ryu Pharmaceutics
Dr. Jong Hoon Ryu Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Mi Ryu Phytomedine
Dr. Mi Heon Ryu X
Dr. Mi Heon Ryu Oral Pathology

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