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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

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Referee Name Specialty
Dr. Balakumar P Pharmacology
Dr. Batra P Biotechnology
Dr. Bhalla P Physiology
Dr. Guevara P Biochemistry
Dr. Kosina P Biochemistry
Dr. Kumar P Pharmacognosy
Dr. M P Agricultural Biotechnology
Dr. Malairajan P X
Dr. Manojkumar P Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Muthukumaran P Biotechnology
Dr. Naveen P Analytical Research & Development
Dr. Nisha P Science
Dr. Palaniappan P Biochemistry
Dr. Pandikumar P Ethnopharmacology
Dr. Rajasekar P Biotechnology
Dr. Rajiah P Radiological Sciences
Dr. Selvaraj P Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Dr. Singh P Chemistry
Dr. Subramanian P Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Dr. Sudakar P Bioengineering
Dr. Yahuaca P Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Zhang P Pharmacognosy
Dr. K. Sreedhara Pai Pharmacology
Dr. Sandeep Pai Biotechnology
Dr. Sandeep R. Pai Phytochemistry
Dr. Ved P Pal Pharmacognosy
Dr. Javier Palacios Ethnopharmacology
Dr. Javier Palacios Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Azhahianambi Palavesam Parasitology
Dr. Partha Palit Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry
Dr. Praneetha Pallerla Pharmacognosy
Dr. PERIYASAMY PALSAMY Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. PERIYASAMY PALSAMY. N Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Ke Pan Traditional Chinese Medicine
Dr. Lanlan Pan Chinese Medicine
Dr. Qifang Pan Plant Biotechnology
Dr. Tai-Long Pan Chinese Medicine
Dr. D P. Panda Pharmacy
Dr. Siva Prasad Panda Pharmacology
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Pandey Biochemistry
Dr. Rakesh Pandey Microbial Technology and Nematology
Dr. Siyaram Pandey Chemistry
Dr. P. Pandikumar Ethnopharmacology
Dr. Perumal Pandikumar Ethnopharmacology
Dr. Ashok Pandurangan Biochemistry
Dr. Ashok K Pandurangan X
Dr. Ashok K Pandurangan X
Dr. Pharkphoom Panichayupakaranant Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Padma Nibash Panigrahi Medicine
Dr. Uttam Prasad Panigrahy Pharmacetical Analysis
Dr. Pushpangadan Paplu Plant Sciences
Dr. Padmaa M. Paraarakh Pharmacognosy
Dr. Madasamy Parani Genetics Engineering
Dr. Anil Pareek Pharmacy
Dr. Thangaraj Parimelazhagan Botany
Dr. Sarkhail Parisa Natural Medicines
Dr. Eun Jeong Park X
Dr. Eun-Jung Park Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Jinseu Park Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Kwang-Il Park Medicine
Dr. Seong Kyu Park Oriental Medicine
Dr. Seong Kyu Park Prescriptionology
Dr. Seung Chun Park Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Seung-Chun Park Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Won Sun Park Medical Sciences
Dr. Yong-Ki Park Herbal medicine
Dr. Jyoti Parkash X
Dr. Sachin Parmar Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Wania Aparecida Partata X
Dr. Qazi Parvaiz X
Dr. Giridhar Parvatam Biotechnology
Dr. Madhukiran Parvathaneni Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Obong Pascal Microbiology
Dr. Ardalan Pasdaran Pharmacognosy
Dr. Bhoomika Patel Pharmacology
Dr. Kirti V. Patel Pharmacy
Dr. Robin Patel Clinical Microbiology
Dr. Roshan Patel Pharmacognosy
Dr. Suman Patel X
Dr. Angela Paterna Pharmacy
Dr. Neelam Pathak Biosciences
Dr. Kalpesh Patil Pharmacology
Dr. RH Patil Microbiology
Dr. Sandeep B. Patil Pharmacology
Dr. Savita Patil Pharmacology
Dr. Shankar Gouda Patil Pathology
Dr. Jayanta Kumar Patra Biotechnology
Dr. Cesare Patrone Clinical Sciences
Dr. Bhushan Patwardhan Health Sciences
Dr. Santanu Paul Botany
Dr. tania paul pharmacognosy
Dr. Anil T. Pawar Pharmacology
Dr. Dr Nilesh V. Pawar Analytical methods
Dr. Nilesh Pawar Life Sciences
Dr. Nilesh V Pawar Plant Taxonomy
Dr. Rozangela Pedrosa Biochemistry
Dr. Ronald Pegg Pharmacology
Dr. Kok Khiang Peh Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Irene Peinado Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Ursula Peintner Microbiology
Dr. Dinithi C. Peiris Zoology
Dr. Xie Peishan X
Dr. Olavi Pelkonen Pharmacology
Dr. Claudia Pellizzon X
Dr. Cheng Peng Medicine
Dr. Jinyong Peng Pharmacognosy
Dr. Niu Peng Natural Products
Dr. Weijun Peng Traditional Chinese Medicine
Dr. Zheng Rong. Peng Nutritional Science
Dr. Nilson Penha-Silva Biochemistry
Dr. Rajendran Peramaiyan Natural Products
Dr. Ramalingam Peraman Pharmacetical Analysis
Dr. Theshini Perera Chemistry
Dr. António M. Peres X
Dr. Rosa Martha Perez Gutierrez Chemical Engineering
Dr. Rosa Martha Pérez Gutiérrez Natural Products
Dr. Velu Periyannan Biochemistry
Dr. Rosaria Perrone Ecology
Dr. Chella Perumal Phytomedicine
Dr. P. Chella Perumal Phytomedicine
Dr. Proskch Peter Pharm.Sciences
Dr. John Philip Metallurgy
Dr. Preecha Phuwapraisirisan Chemistry
Dr. Zifeng Pi Mass Spectrometry
Dr. Guang-Chun Piao Pharmacognosy
Dr. Mallikarjuna Rao Pichika Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Mallikarjuna Rao Pichika Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Laurent Picot Natural Products
Dr. L. Pieters Natural Products
Dr. Nageswara R. Pilli Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Janet Piloto-Ferrer Toxicology
Dr. P Pinaki Pharmacology
Dr. Hu Ping Life Sciences
Dr. Li Ping Pharmacognosy
Dr. Li Pingya Life Sciences
Dr. Angelo Pinto de Química Orgânica
Dr. Terrence Piva Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Paul Piya Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Pierluigi Plastina Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Navaneethakrishnan Polachi Chinese Medicine
Dr. Beyzagul Polat Pharmacology
Dr. Sujitha Pombala X
Dr. Mª Teresa Fernández- Ponce Chemical Engineering
Dr. Kannan Ponnusamy Biotechnology
Dr. Temidayo D. Popoola Pharmacology
Dr. Temidayo D. Popoola Pharmacology
Dr. Sureerut Porntadavity Clinical Chemistry
Dr. Thais Posser Cell Biology
Dr. Lucia Potenza Biomolecular Sciences
Dr. Sher Bahadur Poudel Dental Sciences
Dr. Bahram Pourghassem Gargari Biochemistry
Dr. Hussain PR X
Dr. Pranav Prabhakar Biotechnology
Dr. Milton Prabu Zoology
Dr. K.S. Prakash Chemistry
Dr. Seppan Prakash Physiology
Dr. kumar pramod Molecular Biology
Dr. Sivan Pramod Botany
Dr. AG Devi Prasad Biochemistry
Dr. Satyendra K Prasad Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Satyendra Kumar Prasad Pharmacognosy
Dr. Narayan Prasad Yadav Pharmacognosy
Dr. Kumar Prashanta Science
Dr. Rini Prastiwi Pharmacy
Dr. Jose M. Prieto Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Ponnian Stanely Mainzen Prince Biochemistry
Dr. Stanely Prince P Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Dr. darlinquine Prince Ponnaiah Pharmacology and Toxicology
Dr. Uriarte Pueyo Pharmacognosy
Dr. Meena Punam Kumari X
Dr. Endang Purba Biology
Dr. P. Pushpanagadan Pharmacognosy and Ethnopharmacology
Dr. Kulkarni Puskhar Biology
Dr. Pradeep PV Endocrine Surgery

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