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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

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Referee Name Specialty
Dr. Basanagouda M Chemistry
Dr. Devgun M Pharmacy
Dr. Gangopadhyay M Botany
Dr. Iranshahi M Pharmacy
Dr. JAYAMATHI M Life Sciences
Dr. Karaman M Biology
Dr. Krishnan M X
Dr. Manoochehri M Chemistry
Dr. Masilamani M Immunology
Dr. Mohan M Pharmacology
Dr. Muralidharan M Alternative Medicine
Dr. Pandavadra M X
Dr. radhakrishnan m microbiology
Dr. Rathesh M Biochemistry
Dr. Ravi M Human Genetics
Dr. Sikander M Biotechnology
Dr. Soković M Biology
Dr. Soleiman M Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Vijjulatha M Chemistry
Dr. Yadav M Genetics
Dr. Asser M Ghoneim x
Dr. Hossam M. Abdallah Natural Products
Dr. Sangeetha M. K Medical Biochemistry
Dr. Venkataranganna M. V Herbal medicine
Dr. Khan . M.A.S Neuropharmacology
Dr. Fernanda M.F. Roleira Pharmacy
Dr. Mohamed Rafiq M.Pharma Pharmacology
Dr. Chao-Mei Ma Life Sciences
Dr. Choong Ma Natural Products
Dr. Choong Je Ma Medical Biomaterials Engineering
Dr. Choong Je Ma Biomaterials Engineering
Dr. Chunhua Ma Pharmacology
Dr. Long Ma Microbiology
Dr. Rather MA Chemistry
Dr. Yonggang Ma Pharmacy
Dr. Zhongjun Ma X
Dr. Aleš Machara Organic Chemistry
Dr. Rosy Iara Maciel De A. Ribeiro Ethnopharmacology
Dr. Alexandre Maciuk Pharmacognosy
Dr. swati madan pharmacognosy
Dr. Parani Madasamy Genetics Engineering
Dr. Balaraman Madhan X
Dr. Basavaraj Madhusudhan Biochemistry
Dr. Han-Joo . Maeng Pharmacy
Dr. Isabel Mafra Pharmacy
Dr. Sylwia Magiera Analytical Chemistry
Dr. Maria K. Magnusson Microbiology
Dr. Chiara Magoni Biotechnology
Dr. Gupta Mahabir Pharmacognosy
Dr. Rasool MahaboobKhan Bio Sciences and Technology
Dr. Sekar Mahanderan Life Sciences
Dr. Santanu Kar Mahapatra Biotechnology
Dr. Mohaddese Mahboubi Microbiology
Dr. Khyade Mahendra Shivshankar Botany
Dr. G Mahendran Botany
Dr. Ayyavu Mahesh Biological Sciences
Dr. Neeraj Mahindroo Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Fatima Mahino Zoology
Dr. Ayman M. Mahmoud Zoology
Dr. Fadia Mahmoud Health Sciences
Dr. Fadia Mahmoud Health Sciences
Dr. Mona F. Mahmoud Pharmacology
Dr. Khanavi Mahnaz Pharmacognosy
Dr. M. Fawzi Mahomoodally Health Sciences
Dr. Nootchanat Mairuae Medicine
Dr. S Maity Pharmacy
Dr. Amin F Majdalawieh Biology
Dr. Runner R.T. Majinda Chemistry
Dr. Pulak Majumder Phytochemistry
Dr. Atul Makasana Biochemistry
Dr. Toshiaki Makino X
Dr. Zohreh Makoolati Medicine
Dr. Suzana Makpol Biochemistry
Dr. Ibrahim Malami bioscience
Dr. Ibrahim Malami Pharmacognosy
Dr. Barbara Malawska Pharmacy
Dr. Monsefi Malihezaman Biology
Dr. Nutan Malpathak Pharmaceutical Botany
Dr. Nilufar Mamadalieva Pharmaceutical Biology
Dr. Badal Kumar Mandal Chemistry
Dr. vivekananda mandal ethno botany
Dr. Vivekananda Mandal Pharmacognosy
Dr. Vivekananda . Mandal Pharmacognosy
Dr. Ali Mandegary Pharmacology
Dr. Ali Mandegary Pharmacology
Dr. Stefano Manfredini Pharmacy
Dr. K MANGATHAYARU Pharmacognosy
Dr. K. Mangathayaru Pharmacognosy
Dr. Ivana Beatrice Mânica Da Cruz Morphology
Dr. K. Manigandan Biochemistry
Dr. K T Manisenthil Pharmacy
Dr. S.N Manjula Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Science
Dr. Lama Manoj Pharm.Sciences
Dr. D.R.A. Mans Pharmacology
Dr. Samira R. Mansour Botany
Dr. Esrafil Mansouri Medicine
Dr. Priscilla Kolibea Mante Pharmacology
Dr. Shui-Chun Mao Pharmacy
Dr. Sara Marchesan Oliveira Biological Sciences
Dr. Carla Marchetti Biophysics
Dr. Alejandra Olivia Maria Pharmacology
Dr. Altagracia-Martínez Marina Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Silva Mario Natural and Biomimetic Drugs
Dr. Massimo Mariotti Biomedical Sciences
Dr. R Marreto Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Jose Luis Martinez SALAS Agricultural Biotechnology
Dr. Jose Luis Martinez Salas Alternative Medicine
Dr. L. Martínez-Mota Pharmacology
Dr. Ana Carolina Martínez-Torres X
Dr. Domingos Tabajara De Oliveira Martins Medicine
Dr. Maria Do Rosário Martins Chemistry
Dr. Cristina Martins-Silva Physiological Sciences
Dr. Shiva Masoudi Chemistry
Dr. Rachel Mata X
Dr. Rachel Mata Chemistry
Dr. Veerle Matheeussen Microbiology
Dr. Chandra S. Mathela Chemistry
Dr. Adam Matkowski Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Kinzo Matsumoto Natural Medicine
Dr. Cheesman Matthew Pharmacognosy
Dr. L. Matysová X
Dr. Rakesh Maurya X
Dr. Rakesh Maurya Medicinal and Process Chemistry Division
Dr. Mohammad Mazaheri Medicine
Dr. Sharma MC Pharmacy
Dr. Emmet McCormack Internal Medicine
Dr. Lyndy J. McGaw Phytomedicine
Dr. Anwar MD Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Mukesh Meena Botany
Dr. Ram P. Meena X
Dr. Wirod Meerungruang Pharmacy
Dr. A. Meftahi Textile Engineering
Dr. M.K. Meghvansi Ethnopharmacology
Dr. Eman T. Mehanna Biochemistry
Dr. Tahir Mehmood Chemistry
Dr. Mitra Mehrabani Medicines Research Center
Dr. Mitra Mehrabani Traditional Medicine
Dr. rajendra mehta Microbiology
Dr. Dong- Mei Ren Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. M. Angela MEIRELES Food Science
Dr. Catheleeya Mekjaruskul Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Duangdeun Meksuriyen X
Dr. Duangdeun Meksuriyen Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Akyol Melih Dermatology
Dr. João C.P. Mello Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Joao Carlos Mello Phytochemistry
Dr. De Melo Biology
Dr. Najma Memon Analytical Chemistry
Dr. Bruno Menale Biology
Dr. Beatriz Garcia Mendes X
Dr. SANDRA O MENDOZA Natural Products
Dr. Irwin Rose Menezes Pharmacology
Dr. Da-li Meng Chinese Medicine
Dr. Jiang Meng Traditional Chinese Medicine
Dr. Xiao-ming Meng Pharmacy
Dr. Nurettin Menges Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Wonder Kofi Mensah Abotsi Pharmacology
Dr. Irmgard Merfort Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Irmgard Merfort Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Vijaya Mettu Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Ramadan MF Biochemistry
Dr. Osaro O. Mgbere Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Farzaei MH Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Mingsan Miao Chinese Medicine
Dr. Xiaolou Miao Veterinary Pharmacology
Dr. Heinrich Michael Pharmacognosy
Dr. Whitehouse Michael Natural Medicines
Dr. Skalicky Milan Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Humberto Milani Pharmacology
Dr. Humberto Milani Pharmacology
Dr. Georgiev Milen Biotechnology
Dr. Shalahuddin Millat Pharmacy
Dr. Milena G. Milutinović Biology
Dr. N Mimica-Dukić Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. ByungSun Min Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Sun Seek Min Medicine
Dr. Zhao Min Biotechnology
Dr. wen Ming Chemistry
Dr. Zheng MingShan Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance
Dr. Sun . Mingyu Pharmacology
Dr. Showkat R. Mir Pharmacognosy
Dr. Iman Mirmazloum Plant Sciences
Dr. Seyed Javad Mirnajafi-Zadeh Medical Sciences
Dr. Hamed Mirzaei Medical Sciences
Dr. Hamed Mirzaei Medical Sciences
Dr. Amrita Mishra Pharmacognosy
Dr. Anuradha Mishra Pharmacy
Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Mishra Botany
Dr. Santosh Mishra Molecular Pharmacology
Dr. Shardendu Mishra Pharmacology
Dr. Vandana Mishra X
Dr. Vijay Mishra Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Aparna Misra Biochemistry
Dr. Ali M. Missaoui Plant Sciences
Dr. Bhupendra M. Mistry Food Science
Dr. Sunil Mistry Pharmacology
Dr. A Mitra Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Azuma Mitsuyoshi Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Yoko Miyasaki Medicine
Dr. Pandey MM Pharmacognosy and Ethnopharmacology
Dr. Farshad Homayouni Moghadam Medical Sciences
Dr. Behzad Mohaddesi Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Irma Izani Mohamad Isa Biomedical Sciences
Dr. A. Mohamed Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Abdelbakky Mohamed Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Eman A. Mohamed Pharmacology
Dr. Gamal A. Mohamed Pharmacognosy
Dr. Mahaneem Mohamed Pharmaceutical Biology
Dr. Abdollahi Mohammad Pharmacology
Dr. Ali Mohammad Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Sarafroz Mohammad Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Sharifzadeh. Mohammad Pharmacology
Dr. Majid Mohammadhosseini Chemistry
Dr. Saeed Mohammadi Biology
Dr. Saeed Mohammadi Biology
Dr. Close Furkhan Ahmed Mohammed Biological Sciences
Dr. Furkhan Ahmed Mohammed Biological Sciences
Dr. M Mohan Pharmacology
Dr. Surapaneni Krishna Mohan Biochemistry
Dr. Syam MOhan Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Syam Mohan Pharmacognosy
Dr. Reza Mohebbati Medicine
Dr. Santosh Mokale Pharmacy
Dr. Georgi Momekov Pharmacology
Dr. Jean Momeni Chemistry
Dr. Ahmed E. Abdel Moneim Science
Dr. Anna Monika Pharmacognosy
Dr. Md. Moniruzzaman Pharmacy
Dr. Ubeira Monte X
Dr. Domenico Montesano Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Paola Montoro Pharmacy
Dr. Roshila Moodley Chemistry
Dr. Roshila Moodley X
Dr. Nicholas Moore Pharmacology
Dr. Nicholas Moore Pharmacology
Dr. Cid Aimbire De Moraes Santos Pharmacognosy
Dr. Mariana Cristina Morais Rodrigues Pharmacy
Dr. Amol more pharmacognosy
Dr. María Alejandra Moreno Natural Product
Dr. Sh.M. Morgan Health Sciences
Dr. Hiroyuki Morita Natural Medicine
Dr. Ehab M Mostafa Pharmacognosy
Dr. Clarissa Mota Medicine
Dr. Shirley Motaung Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Meha N. Motiwala Pharmacy
Dr. Toma Nardjes Mouas Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Dr. Pratap Mouli Gastroenterology and Human Nutrition
Dr. Zhao Mouming Food Science
Dr. Sidnei Moura Biotechnology of Natural and Synthetic Products
Dr. P. Moyo Biochemistry
Dr. P.T. Mpiana Chemistry
Dr. Boris Mravec Medicine
Dr. Sharma Mrinalini Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Alam MS Chemistry
Dr. Mohammad S. Mubarak Chemistry
Dr. Masoodi Mubashir Hussain Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. KOşar Muberra Pharmacognosy
Dr. Giridhar Mudduluru Molecular Biology
Dr. Lakmini K.B. Mudduwa Medicine
Dr. Jayesh Mudgal Pharmacology
Dr. Monika Mueller Pharmaceutical Technology
Dr. D. Musuyu Muganza Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Kaleem Muhammad Food Science
Dr. Mohd Mujeeb Pharmacognosy
Dr. Muzaffer Mükemre Biology
Dr. Aniruddha Mukherjee pharmacology
Dr. Anita Mukherjee Cell Biology
Dr. Pulok K. Mukherjee Natural Products
Dr. K.S. Mukunthan Biotechnology
Dr. Ravi Mundugaru Pharmacology
Dr. Rodrigo A.A. Munoz Chemistry
Dr. Francisco Muñoz Pharmacology
Dr. T.S. Murali Biotechnology
Dr. Toshihiro Murata Pharmacognosy
Dr. Craig Murdoch Clinical Dentistry
Dr. Hosakatte Niranjana Murthy Horticultural Science
Dr. Karnam Murthy Physiology
Dr. Ramar Murugan Chemical and Biotechnology
Dr. Saravanakumar Murugesan Physiology
Dr. ARAFA Kassem MUSA Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry
Dr. Ian Musgrave Pharmacology
Dr. Félicien Mushagalusa Kasali Pharmacy
Dr. Özgen Mustafa Agriculture
Dr. Larhsini Mustapha Biotechnology
Dr. Mohamed Essa Musthafa Neurological Sciences
Dr. Thangaraju Muthusamy Biochemistry
Dr. A muthuvel Alternative Medicine
Dr. Umar Muzaffer Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Marie Alfrede Mvondo Animal Biology
Dr. Akhter MZ Biochemistry

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