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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z 
Referee Name Specialty
Dr. Arunachalam K Botany
Dr. Banerjee K X
Dr. Kovendan K Zoology
Dr. Lakshman K Pharmacognosy
Dr. Lakshman K Pharmacognosy
Dr. Nakazawa K Pharmacology
Dr. Ramaswamy K Pharmacognosy
Dr. Sadasivam K Physics
Dr. Seifert K Chemistry
Dr. Srisailam K Pharmacology
Dr. Tewari K Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Padma K R Biotechnology
Dr. Deepak K Tuli Bioenergy Research
Dr. Mantelingu K. M Chemistry
Dr. Bhat KA Bioorganic Chemistry
Dr. Kai Kaarniranta Ophthalmology
Dr. Biswas Kabir Life Sciences
Dr. Hassan Kabir Life Sciences
Dr. Atul Kabra Pharmacy
Dr. Sumita . Kachhwaha Nanobiotechnology
Dr. Avinash A. Kadam Biotechnology
Dr. Santosh Ashok Kadapure Chemical Engineering
Dr. Huseyin Kadioglu Surgery
Dr. Nabil Kadri Food Chemistry
Dr. EBRU KAFKAS Pharmacognosy
Dr. S. Mary Jelastin Kala Chemistry
Dr. AN Kalia Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Jatin Kalita Biological Sciences
Dr. Bhanumathy Kalpana cancer
Dr. Sandra Kalthoff Internal Medicine
Dr. Guruprasad Kalthur X
Dr. Léocadie Kamagaju Pharmacognosy
Dr. Mehnaz Kamal Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Mehnaz Kamal Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Mohammad Kamal X
Dr. P Kamalakannan Dental Sciences
Dr. Naotomo Kambe Molecular Biology
Dr. Bhagyashree Kamble Pharmacognosy
Dr. Noor Kamil Clinical Pharmacy
Dr. Chi-Wai Kan Textile Engineering
Dr. Tripetch Kanchanapoom Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Karthikeyan Kandasamy Biochemistry
Dr. Amit Kandhare Pharmacology
Dr. Amit D. Kandhare Pharmacology
Dr. Jong Kang Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Jong Seong Kang Pharmacy
Dr. Kyo Bin Kang Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Kyo Bin Kang Pharmacy
Dr. RO KANG Pharmacology
Dr. S.C. Kang Biotechnology
Dr. Kwanjai Kanokmedhakul Natural Products
Dr. Vinay Kant Veterinary Pharmacology
Dr. Tuhin Kanti Biswas Research Unit
Dr. Ming-Ching Kao Biological Sciences
Dr. Abidemi Kappo Biotechnology
Dr. Amit Kar Pharmaceutical Technology
Dr. Arif Karademir Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Vangelis D. Karalis Pharmacy
Dr. Anjali A. Karande Biochemistry
Dr. Prachi Karia Pharmacy
Dr. Nasiara Karim Pharmacy
Dr. Shahid . Karim Pharmacology
Dr. A Karioti Pharmacognosy
Dr. WK.. Karl Chinese Medicine
Dr. V Karthick Computer Sciences
Dr. L. Karthik Biosciences
Dr. L Kartik Biopharmeceutics
Dr. Ramaraju Karunakar Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Thiruventhan Karunakaran Science
Dr. Eshvendar Reddy Kasala Pharmacology and Toxicology
Dr. Deepak M. Kasote Herbal medicine
Dr. Jelena Katanić Chemistry
Dr. Sandeep Kataria Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. D.R. Katerere Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Chandrakant Katiyar X
Dr. Eisuke Kato Food Biochemistry
Dr. Tadashi Kato Medicine
Dr. Amarjeet Kaur Microbiology
Dr. Amarjeet Kaur Microbiology
Dr. Ansari Kausar Pharmacognosy
Dr. Pawan Kaushik Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Pawan Kaushik Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Varadharajan Kavitha Biological Sciences
Dr. Koji Kawakami Pharmacoepidemiology
Dr. Nair Honda Kawashita Chemistry
Dr. Imran . Kazmi Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry
Dr. Saha KD Cancer Biology & Inflammatory Disorder
Dr. James D. Kean Psychopharmacology
Dr. Hata Keishi Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Rajappa Kenchappa Medicinal Biochemistry
Dr. Yong Yoke Keong Medicine
Dr. Wado Eglantine Keugong Biological Sciences
Dr. Kim KH Physiology
Dr. Syed Zameer Ahmed Khader Biotechnology
Dr. Ibrahim Khadra Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Shaden A.M. Khalifa X
Dr. Farahnaz Khalighi-Sigaroodi Pharmacognosy
Dr. Ragy Khalil medicinal plants
Dr. Ragy Khalil Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Abida Khan Zoology
Dr. Barkat Ali Khan Pharmaceutics
Dr. Bashir M. Khan Biology
Dr. Imran Khan Pharmacy
Dr. MOHAMMAD KHAN Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Mohammad Imran Khan Biochemistry
Dr. Mohd Sajid Khan Biotechnology
Dr. Rehan Khan X
Dr. Rizwan Hasan Khan Biotechnology
Dr. Shah Alam Khan Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Tajdar Khan Natural Products
Dr. Washim Khan Pharmacognosy
Dr. Razia Khanam Pharmacology
Dr. Amol Kharat X
Dr. Sharad Kharat Pharmacy
Dr. Mourad Kharbach Analytical Chemistry
Dr. Abdul Rauf Khaskheli Analytical Chemistry
Dr. Hina Khatoon X
Dr. Sayyada Khatoon Pharmacognosy
Dr. Mohammad Reza Khazdair Medical Sciences
Dr. Leila Khedmat Medical Sciences
Dr. Farnaz Kheirandish X
Dr. C.N. Khobragade Life Sciences
Dr. Bijoya Devi Khomdram Biotechnology
Dr. Tarik Khouya Biology
Dr. Mahendra S. Khyade Botany
Dr. Hyun Ki Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Agnieszka Kicel Pharmacognosy
Dr. Gabriel Kimutai Kigen Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Dr. Byung Joo Kim Biological Sciences
Dr. Byung Joo Kim Korean Medicine
Dr. Chang-Eop Kim Physiology
Dr. Chang-Ju Kim Physiology
Dr. Chul Kim Life Sciences
Dr. Hangun Kim Pharmacy
Dr. Hee-Sun Kim Molecular Medicine
Dr. Hong Kim X
Dr. Hyuck Kim Medicine
Dr. Hyung Kim Medicine
Dr. Hyungwoo Kim Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Jae-Hyun Kim Korean Medicine
Dr. Ji Ha Kim Medicine
Dr. Jin Kim Medicine
Dr. Jin-Hyun Kim Chemical Engineering
Dr. Jinju Kim oriental Physiology
Dr. KI KIM Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Ki Hyun Kim Pharmacy
Dr. Ki Hyun Kim Pharmacy
Dr. Soo-Ki Kim Animal Science and Technology
Dr. Young Ho Kim Natural Sciences
Dr. Young-Mi Kim Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Yun-Bae Kim Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Norbert Kimpe Organic Chemistry
Dr. Suvarna G Kini Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Nand Kishore Chemistry
Dr. Naval Kishore Dubey Medical Botany
Dr. Anna K. Kiss Pharmacognosy
Dr. Dušanka Kitić Pharmacy
Dr. Dušanka Kitić Pharmacy
Dr. Dušanka Kitić Pharmacy
Dr. Jochen Klein Pharmacology
Dr. Thomas Klimkait Biomedicine
Dr. Gothandam KM Biological Sciences
Dr. Petar Knezevic Science
Dr. Jaeyoung Ko Medicinal Chemistry
Dr. Wing-hung Ko Biomedical Sciences
Dr. ufuk koca Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Dalibor Kodrík X
Dr. Hwee-Ling Koh Pharmacy
Dr. Waleed Koko X
Dr. Ladislav Kokoska Crop Sciences
Dr. Ufuk Kolak Pharmacy
Dr. Munekazu Komada Anatomy
Dr. Hiroki Kondou X
Dr. Tamara . Kondratyuk Pharmacognosy and Ethnopharmacology
Dr. Filip Koneski Medicine
Dr. Kwang-Hoon Kong Chemistry
Dr. Rituraj Konwar Endocrinology
Dr. Byung-Soo Koo Neuropsychiatry
Dr. Ooi Kooi Science
Dr. Sung-Ho Kook Molecular Biology
Dr. Mallikarjuna Korrivi Nutrition
Dr. Venkat Kota Biochemistry
Dr. Shanker Kothari Botany
Dr. Vijay Kothari Microbiology
Dr. Simeon Kouam Chemistry
Dr. M Koufany Pharmacology
Dr. Angeliki P. Kourounakis Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Nataša Kovačić Medicine
Dr. Malgorzata Kozyra Pharmacognosy
Dr. Devi KP Biochemistry
Dr. Luo KQ Bioengineering
Dr. Patricia Krepsky X
Dr. Rajapandiyan Krishnamoorthy X
Dr. Anuja Krishnan Medicine
Dr. Rangappa KS Chemistry
Dr. Shivashangari KS X
Dr. Stan Kubow Dietetics and Human Nutrition
Dr. Murat Küçük Chemistry
Dr. Tukayi Kudanga X
Dr. Victor Kuete Biochemistry
Dr. Gopinath Kulasekaran Biochemistry
Dr. Julita Kulbacka Medical Biochemistry
Dr. Satyendra Kuldip Prasad Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy
Dr. Giriraj T Kulkarni Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni Pharm.Sciences
Dr. Şükran Kültür Pharmaceutical Botany
Dr. Arun Kuma Veterinary Pharmacology
Dr. A. Sanjeeva Kumar Pharmacognosy
Dr. Ashok Kumar Bioinformatics
Dr. Ashwani Kumar Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Deepak Kumar Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Deepak Kumar Chemical Engineering
Dr. Dinesh Kumar Biotechnology
Dr. Harsh Kumar Chemistry
Dr. KN Sunil Kumar Pharmacognosy
Dr. Kotesh Kumar Chemistry
Dr. Manish Kumar Pharmacology
Dr. N Satheesh. Kumar Life Sciences
Dr. P.R. Manish Kumar Biotechnology
Dr. Pankaj . Kumar Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Sachin Kumar Pharmacology
Dr. Sanjit Kumar Biotechnology
Dr. Shweta Kumar Pharmacognosy
Dr. Sunil Kumar Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Suresh Kumar Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Suresh Kumar X
Dr. Vikas Kumar X
Dr. Vikas Kumar Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Vinod Kumar Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Vipin . Kumar Pharmacognosy & Ethnopharmacology
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Bharti Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. R. Senthil Kumaran Biotechnology
Dr. MR Kumbhare Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Tanawan Kummalue Medicine
Dr. Puongtip Kunanusorn Pharm.Sciences
Dr. anindita kundu pharmacology
Dr. sukalyan kundu natural products
Dr. Yao-Haur Kuo Chinese Medicine
Dr. Mirosława Kupryjanowicz Botany
Dr. Shoichiro Kurata Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Ajay Kushwah Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Dr. Ufuk Kutluana Gastroenterology
Dr. Sashidhara KV Medicinal and Process Chemistry
Dr. Kong Kwang-Hoon Life Sciences
Dr. Dong Kwon Pharmacology
Dr. Y Kwon Food Science

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